Monday, June 27, 2011

some old favorites

Humpty Dumpty's

the littlest snowman

The indoor noisy book

the littlest snowman

I've been working on a big project today that kept me busy all day I didn't get to take any book photos today. Here are a few old ones that have been on my Flickr before, but are still some of my favorites. Tomorrow I've got some records to share..

Humpty Dumpty magazine I've got quite a few of these cute little magazines. I'll have to get them all out and share some more photos with you.

The Littlest Snowman by Charles Tzaewell, pictures by George De Santis. Originally published 1955, mine is a 1970 reprint. This book has a crazy little story, but the illustrations are very fun!

The Indoor Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown...this was actually a copy from the library and reminds me that I'd like to find a copy for myself!

Oh and one more photo from The Littlest Snowman because it's a really good one!

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