Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Beautiful End Papers...

More beautiful inside covers. I was always fond of books with maps inside the cover, gives you a real sense of the land.
-The New Golden Songbook illustrations by Mary Blair (and one of my most favorite books, I have the cover tattooed on my arm) published by Simon And Schuster in 1955
-The Giant Golden Mother Goose illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen published by Golden Press in 1948
-The Helpful Friends by George Bonsall and Crosby Newell published by Wonder Books in 1955
-The Three Bears illustrated by Mary Cameron published by Random House in 1942
-Mother Goose Rhymes With Music illustrations by Esme Eve and published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1960


  1. i love nice end-papers. that second one is perfect!

  2. I volunteer at the library's resale store. Lots of books in the children's section get tossed due to damage. I often "rescue" them by buying them (top price for a chilren's book is $1). I love the end papers. I also love old text books especially math and science. We also see a lot of old craft books- the inventory is made up of library items that were purged from librarys or private donations. Everything shows up there eventually.