Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Crafty


These creepy awesome craft books were a gift, but I always try and check out the craft books section at my favorite used bookshops. You just never know what gems you might find.
These images come from three books..
-Doodle-Loom PomPon Originals pattern book #75 published in 1978. This book features animals and people made from handmade pom-poms. Including a cute gnome that I always meant to make.
-Living Dolls Novelties (a rather unfortunate title as "living dolls" just makes them even scarier!) published in 1977 the same year I was born. This book features a lot of dolls made out of empty dishwashing liquid bottles, mini decorative brooms, and rocks. Nice!
-Plush-Pelt Puppets, published in 1978. Filled with animal and doll puppets that you can sew using faux fur for their fur, or hair. Awesome.