Monday, November 14, 2011

Mother Goose


Just a quick break from Thanksgiving posts to share a beautiful book that I found at the thrift shop. Actually on this trip I found about five books! They had a stack of vintage children's books on a shelf behind the counter (they always do this when they think something is old an valuable, it's kind of annoying haha) I asked if I could see them and how much they were. They had them priced around $2.99 a book (kid's books are normally .25 or fill a bag for $2.00) But of course $2.99 is still a steal. Tom and I picked out our favorites including this beautiful big hardback edition of Mother Goose.
Mother Goose
Illustrators Fred D. Lohman and Ethel Hays
published by The Saalfied Company 1941

It looks like Ethel Hays did all the color illustrations which are so damn fabulous! There are also small black and white illos through out the book, and while these are great too---those color full page images are just wonderful!

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